Saturday, May 26, 2012

WHAT?! She's blogging?!?!

I am. I'm blogging. Sitting at dinner tonight, I had the urge to write. I realized after looking over my blogs that I hadn't written anything in nearly a year. (I have about 6 although I haven't attempted to keep up but three of them... and I'm going to narrow that down to one I do believe). I don't even know how I got 6 in the first place; I've NEVER been a good blogger! :/
But here we are.... the school year is ending; summer is starting, and as usual... there are BIG changes for our family! (It seems like every time I blog it's about changes!)
We found out very recently that we are expecting again and we could not be more excited!! This pregnancy comes at a very transitional phase in our lives. Last fall, we started paying off the close to $25000 in debt we had and we're over 60% of the way through it. We moved (again!) and I took a new job in January. I finished the last of my classes (finally! 7 years after starting my degree!) and will start student teaching in August. Then I will be completely done with my degree!! :D :D
So having a baby in January will add just another element of wonderfulness to all of this. But we know how blessed we are and cannot welcome the new addition to our family! We're excited about the change!

And by the way... I really WILL keep blogging! 

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